DJ Fantan Hits Out At Winky D

Popular music producer and Chillspot Records co-founder DJ Fantan has hit out at Winky D for tricking young artists into a political project that he received funding for.

In his message without elaborating on who funded the project, Fantan said some artists who were part of the project, have since lost some endorsement deals over their involvement in the album.

“Ndanga ndanzwa nevanhu vachiti ko sei ndakanyara iye mukuru akabuditsa dambarefu (I had been in undated calls from people enquiring on why I was silent when the big brother had released his album). Vamwe ndai ignore but since mibvunzo yawanda (I would not respond to some however there have been many questions here is my point of view.

“Yes I was excited to hear about the project. I was happy to see other artistes featuring for once pama gitare emukuru (on his music). This time he included other artists which was a dream come true for all of us, vaida kuonawo chimuti chichitambidzanwa (they wanted to see the baton stick being handed) from one generation to another and to see two generations combining.

“But sa (as) elder mu(in) industry when you do certain projects you must enlighten the youths you engage zvizere kuti project riri funded and tave kuimba zvematongerwo enyika (we are now singing about politics) so that anopinda achida nemoyo wake munyaya dzacho (so that they do so willingly),” Fantan said

He said some of the youth whom he groomed and mentored had confided to him how they have been censured by some companies over their collaboration on the album.

“Ini ndiri kutaura se munhu aka groomer and aka mentor most of the youths vari pa project iroro (I am talking as someone who groomed and mentored most of the youths). Zvirikundirwadza (I am hurt) to see them crying behind the scenes kuti takakandwa pasi pe bhazi nemukuru wedu kumagitare (We were thrown under the bus). Right now mukuru vaya vari ku Dubai ku Holiday ne family yavo zvavo zvakaita. Isusu now tava pama1 (We are now in trouble) because some companies no longer want to associate with us because they don’t want their brands associated ne politics of any nature.

“As elders ibasa redu (it is our duty) to groom, guide and protect vana (kids). Its cruel kuti as an elder in a position yekuvimbiwa nevana unozovaitisa uchiziva kuti yako life irikufamba (that they trust you and you use them and your life blossoms). This is my opinion hapana daka (there is no grudge) feel free to have your own opinion. Anyway, have a blessed day to everyone. God bless you all. Together, tirimurudo rwemazvokwadi (We are in true love), we can take Zim music to the world,” he said

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