CCC Urges Citizens to Vote for Ethical, Competent Leaders

By Staff Reporter

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has called on Zimbabweans to vote for ethical and competent leaders in the upcoming election, citing that the country is not yet free as evidenced by the country’s ongoing governance crisis.

CCC national spokesperson, Advocate Fadzayi Mahere, made the call in a statement to mark the country’s 43rd independence celebrations.

“As election day beckons, we are mindful that the 43-year-old bad governance crisis has rendered the Liberation promise empty. Our aspirations for Zimbabwe are yet to be realized. The latest corruption expose betrays a sad pattern of a rich nation being poorly managed and looted by political elites at the expense of the citizens.

“Like every other corruption scandal that has preceded it over the last 43 years, it is an indictment on the liberation dream and the promise of independence. This is not the Zimbabwe that the citizens had hoped for,” said Mahere

Mahere urged Zimbabweans to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming election and choose leaders who will prioritize the needs of the people over their own interests.

“We urge every citizen to ensure that they perform their civic duty by voting en mass in the coming election for ethical, competent leaders who will usher in a New Great Zimbabwe with dignity, prosperity and freedom for all,” she said

The opposition movement paid tribute to individuals who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of the country.

“As a citizens’ movement, the Citizens’ Coalition for Change acknowledges the effort and sacrifices of the soldiers, war veterans, war collaborators and citizens, living and departed, who contributed to attaining the liberation of our nation from colonial rule. We acknowledge and respect all national processes that relate to the history and legacy of Zimbabwe as this is the collective definition of our identity as a people,” Mahere said

This year’s election is seen as a critical moment for Zimbabwe, which has struggled with political and economic instability for decades.

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