Mliswa Pledges Support For Sikhala, Donates US$500

By Staff Reporter

Independent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has pledged his support for the Job Sikhala Trust, a fund set up to assist the family of incarcerated Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator for Zengeza West, Job Sikhala.

In a series of tweets, Mliswa stated that he had spoken to Senator David Coltart who informed him about the initiative.

Mliswa expressed his support for the trust and pledged an initial donation of US$500 to help ease the family’s financial burden.

“I have spoken to Senator @DavidColtart who revealed to me the setting up of a Job Sikhala Trust. I’m very much in support of such an initiative and will fully support it with an initial donation of US$500 to make things easy for his family. Hon Sikhala’s plight is disturbing,” tweeted Mliswa

Mliswa, who is known for his independent views, condemned the persecution of political opponents, stating that “Job’s plight encapsulates what could happen to anyone of us who is deemed potential enemy, opponent or adversary. We have to stand with him and make a statement that this is wrong politics. As a nation our democracy should have matured enough to grow past such kind of actions.”

Mliswa, who has also faced his fair share of political persecution, urged Zimbabweans to put aside their political differences and remain civil and respectful towards each other.

He praised Coltart’s involvement in the trust, stating that he had no doubt that there would be transparency and accountability in the handling of the funds.

“In everything we should be mindful to remember that there is more to life than politics. Party hayivige munhu (cannot bury a person) as I always tell my friends from other parties, remain civil and respectful in all politics.”

Sikhala’s case has been widely criticized by human rights organizations, who have accused the government of using the judicial system to silence political opponents.

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