Chamisa Calls for a Free, United, and Prosperous Africa

By Sifiso Ngwenya

Leader of the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Nelson Chamisa has emphasized the importance of a free, united, and prosperous Africa.

Chamisa expressed that true happiness and freedom can only be achieved through unity and the eradication of barriers that hinder progress on the continent.

Highlighting the African Union’s theme for 2023, which focuses on accelerating the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), Chamisa recognized the potential of this initiative to bring greater prosperity to Africa.

He stressed the need for all African nations to embrace this opportunity, as economic growth and development are essential for the well-being of the continent.

According to Chamisa, Africa’s path to true freedom requires the liberation of all its nations and citizens.

He called for the elimination of barriers and boundaries that were artificially imposed during the Berlin Conference.

He advocated for a unified Africa with a single currency, visa-free travel across the continent, and the establishment of strong security, communication, media, economic, and financial institutions.

Chamisa also urged African countries to address the issues of election rigging, coups, violence, and terrorism.

He emphasized the importance of building mechanisms to deal with these challenges effectively while strengthening democracy and embracing the Responsibility to Protect doctrine and framework.

“The Africa we want. A truly prosperous and happy Africa is only possible upon a truly free and united Africa,” Chamisa stated

 He added, “Africa cannot be truly free until all Africa and Africans are free. Africa cannot be fully secure until all Africa and Africans are secure. Africa will not be truly democratic until all Africa and Africans taste and enjoy the apple of democracy. Africa will not be truly developed until all Africa and Africans are developed.”

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