Chinese Detectives Crack Murder Case In Zimbabwe

By Sifiso Ngwenya

Chinese investigators have successfully unraveled the mysterious murder of two of their fellow citizens in Zimbabwe, leading to the arrest of a Chinese national.

 The accused, 34-year-old Chen Long, appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi, where he was formally charged with murder and subsequently remanded in custody until June 9.

The victims, identified as Lei Ding and his wife Chi Lifen, remain missing, and suspicion quickly fell upon Chen Long as a key suspect in their brutal demise.

 The unsettling chain of events began to unfold on February 15, 2020, when Ding’s vehicle was discovered abandoned along Arcturus Road, still with its keys in the ignition.

Concerned by the unusual circumstances, the incident was promptly reported to the CID Vehicle Theft squad, prompting the swift arrival of diligent detectives at the scene.

Upon conducting a thorough search of the abandoned vehicle, investigators uncovered a series of intriguing items.

Among the discoveries were a set of house keys, vehicle keys for a Ford Everest bearing the registration number AFF 1837, a vehicle registration book for motor vehicle registration number AFA 3322, a firearm certificate with the number 710403, and a Walther pistol with the serial number 295685, boasting a calibre of 7.65.

Drawing on their unwavering determination, the diligent detectives embarked on a quest to uncover further clues, leading them to Ding’s residence in Borrowdale.

Upon their arrival, a disheartening realization struck them—Ding’s house stood ominously empty, devoid of any occupants.

The investigation quickly intensified as a joint team of Zimbabwean and Chinese law enforcement officials delved deeper into the mysterious circumstances surrounding the couple’s disappearance.

Their relentless efforts bore fruit with the recovery of a mobile phone, which was positively identified as belonging to Ding.

The discovery provided a vital breakthrough in piecing together the puzzling events leading up to the couple’s vanishing act.

It has since come to light that both Chen Long and the missing couple had a turbulent history marred by strained relations arising from a business deal gone sour.

Allegations suggest that the accused, along with his yet-to-be-located accomplices Xu Lin Lin and Luo Yengshen, engaged in a violent altercation with Ding and his wife, ultimately culminating in their untimely demise.

The exact location of the bodies remains a mystery that law enforcement officials are fervently striving to solve.

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