Mliswa Calls for Recognition of Musician Winky D’s Artistry

By Entertainment Reporter

Independent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has expressed his admiration for renowned musician Winky D and called for the recognition and celebration of his contributions to the music industry.

Mliswa commended the artist’s longevity and social relevance, emphasizing the need for the government to harness his talent to convey important messages to the younger generation.

“I don’t know Winky D personally, and we’ve never met, but one can recognize his greatness. The guy has been in the field for nearly 20 years! I will definitely bring him to Norton, where people are more independent-minded. They will enjoy and appreciate his greatness more! #Ibotso.”

Mliswa further highlighted Winky D’s significance in an era plagued by drug abuse, stating, “In an age of drug abuse, he is the essential and ultimate artist the government should harness to drive the messaging, as he is followed by more young people. Him winning international awards while back here we treat him as an outcast is sheer madness and incompetence.”

The legislator acknowledged Winky D’s artistic evolution, from his earlier days with songs like “Igofigo” to his current socially relevant compositions.

Mliswa urged society to allow artists to explore different themes and subjects without limiting their creative expression or imposing narrow interpretations.

“Winky D should be celebrated as he has shown skill in transitioning into positive and meaningful discourses since the days of ‘Igofigo.’ Today, he is a socially relevant artist resonating with society and not merely churning rhyming bars with no substance or intellectual spine.

“The wide application for ‘Chiremerera’ shows how artists should be left to do their thing without being victimized by limited interpretations, as has been happening with Winky D. You can’t pocket an artist and reduce them to a limited field of meaning for their work!” Mliswa affirmed.

Addressing the recent controversy surrounding Winky D’s album, “Eureka,” and its powerful track, “Ibotso,” Mliswa highlighted the irony and contrasting reactions to Jah Prayzah’s release of “Chiremerera.”

“I give it to JP that he mentions no names, and anyone can use the song, but that’s the whole point of arts. You don’t have to spell it out! I can use the song just as ED or Chamisa or even anyone else. However, in our context, especially after ‘Ibotso,’ it’s clear the field ain’t even! After the furore over Winky D’s ‘Eureka’ album, specifically the powerful ‘Ibotso,’ there is nothing more ironic and revealing than Jah Prayzah coming in with ‘Chiremerera,’ and no one raises any issues. The political undertones in there are naked like nothing on ‘Ibotso!'” Mliswa highlighted

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