Kasukuwere Announces Presidential Bid

By Staff Reporter

Former Zanu PF national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, has declared his intention to run for the presidency in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

Kasukuwere, who briefly returned to the country in January 2018 before leaving again, made the announcement in an interview with a local publication.

The former Cabinet Minister expressed his optimism about the positive developments that have taken place, prompting the need for a revised plan.

“I read somewhere Vice President Chiwenga saying that we should not deny each other political space merely because we differ on ideas and views. He spoke like a liberator. Let the best ideas win. I am in a unique position that I have worked with those in Zanu PF and have also now got an appreciation of the opposition to understand where they are coming from. We want to straddle these two competing positions,” he said

Kasukuwere, who faced corruption charges during his brief return to Zimbabwe in 2018, emphasized that he is not afraid of imprisonment or even death, however, he expressed his concerns for the future of the country if no action is taken.

“I don’t fear jail, I don’t fear death. I only fear for the future of the country if we do nothing,” he boldly proclaimed.

The announcement comes as President Emmerson Mnangagwa has set the date for elections on August 23, and all political parties must register their candidates with the nomination court by June 21.

Kasukuwere’s entry into the presidential race adds another dimension to an already highly contested political landscape.

His political journey has been marked by his association with Zanu PF, the ruling party, as well as his brief foray into opposition circles.

This unique perspective has positioned him to understand and bridge the divide between the two competing ideologies.

As the race to the presidential elections gains momentum, Kasukuwere’s entry adds a new dynamic that will undoubtedly shape the political landscape in the coming months.

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