Man Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison for Unlawful Possession of Dangerous Drugs

By Court Reporter

A Harare man was arraigned before the Harare Magistrates Court and subsequently sentenced to four years in prison for the unlawful possession of dangerous drugs.

Peter Siachinete (27) was found guilty of possessing a significant quantity of dagga, commonly known as marijuana, with an estimated street value of ZWL6,000,000.

The National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe presented the case, providing details of the events that led to Siachinete’s arrest.

“On March 11, 2023, the police received a tip-off indicating that Siachinete had illegal drugs in his possession, specifically in his Honda Fit vehicle, which was parked at Eastgate mall. Acting swiftly upon receiving the information, the police approached Siachinete and requested permission to search his vehicle.

“The search led to the discovery of two black bags concealed inside the Honda Fit. Upon opening the bags, smaller plastic paper bags containing dagga were found. In total, the confiscated drugs weighed approximately 12,032 kilograms, indicating a substantial quantity intended for distribution or sale,” said the NPA

Following the arrest, Siachinete was brought before the court to face charges of unlawfully possessing dangerous drugs.

The prosecution argued that the seized dagga had a street value of ZWL6,000,000, highlighting the severity of the offense.

Taking into account the evidence presented, the court handed down a sentence of five years imprisonment, with one year suspended. Siachinete will serve four years effectively.

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