Chamisa Says No to ‘Diggers and Dealers’

By Staff Reporter

Leader of the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Nelson Chamisa has reiterated the importance of selecting genuine leaders who prioritize the interests of Zimbabwe and its citizens.

In a tweet, Chamisa emphasized that the country needs a fresh start and deserves representatives who are untainted, credible, and committed to serving the nation.

“NOT DIGGERS AND DEALERS…The Citizens representatives have been chosen by communities across Zimbabwe. It’s so exciting that we have credible representatives for Parliament and Council. Whoever is after self-gain or self-care will not serve in the new! Whoever uses money and trinkets to buy citizens or bribe voters can’t serve.  Whoever is tainted, compromised or plays for the other team can’t serve! Zimbabwe needs change and deserves truly new leaders!” tweeted Chamisa

Chamisa’s remarks come at a time the opposition movement is in the process of selecting candidates who will represent the party in the forthcoming harmonised elections penciled for August 23.

The opposition movement ditched the traditional way of choosing candidates, the primary elections opting for the citizens consensus which has received widespread condemnation from some quarters.

Despite the criticism, Chamisa remained adamant saying the process was meant to shun infiltration from members of the ruling party Zanu PF and other political opponents.

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