Prof. Moyo In Another Scathing CCC Candidate Selection Attack

By Simbarashe Mlambo

Former cabinet Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, who is currently in self-exile, has criticized the main opposition party, the CCC (Coalition for Change), for its lack of transparency and shifting of goal posts in its candidate selection process.

Posting on twitter, Prof. Moyo called for thorough scrutiny and exposure of the party’s actions, highlighting the importance of transparency and democratic practices within the political landscape.

“General elections – which normally come one’s every five years – are not anyone’s private business, they’re everyone’s national business about who shall govern – not some govern some private company or some political party – but govern the country. Get used to it, it’s politics.

“You always say you’re the main opposition and the-government-in-waiting and @nelsonchamisa is already posting his memes dancing and having fun, claiming he’s celebrating his election 23 August victory; every step he and CCC take must be thoroughly scrutinised and exposed in the same way every step Zanu PF is taking as the governing party is being scrutinised by all and sundry, including you.” Said Prof Moyo

He drew attention to specific instances where he believed the CCC’s candidate selection process lacked transparency.

“The intrigue and brazen shifting of goal posts are happening just about everywhere but notably in the selection of council candidates in Wards 4 and 5 in Bulawayo [where Chamisa and his team are seeking to impose @DavidColtart and Dumisani Nkomo who are their choices for mayor and deputy mayor for the city, respectively, but who were both resoundingly rejected by the ‘community’ selection caucuses in their wards.

“A similar situation is also taking place in Cowdray Park constituency where Chamisa and his team are trying to use @DrThoko_Khupe as some election campaign Ping-Pong, hoping to make some political capital through her, because the ZanuPF candidate there is the minister of finance, whom they think must be challenged by a high profile CCC figure they actually don’t have.

“But the fact that Dr Khupe was “selected” in a CCC “community caucus” by only 222 people, some of them not from Cowdray Park and others not registered as voters is obviously embarrassing. It cannot be a basis for making capital for any national campaign. Imagine: just 222 people in a constituency with over 24,000 registered voters,” he said

He noted the intrigue and shifting of goal posts within CCC’s candidate selection process, particularly in the aforementioned wards and Cowdray Park. The situation was further complicated by Dr. Khupe’s initial preference to be on CCC’s party-list for the Senate, which led to a subsequent withdrawal from the Cowdray Park constituency.

Prof. Moyo cautioned that the ongoing shifting of goal posts and intrigue within CCC’s candidate selection process could have unforeseen consequences.

He warned against the imposition of selection losers and expressed concerns about the lack of confidence-inspiring practices within the party.

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