Businessman Ndoro’s Fraud Trial In False Start

The trial of businessman Michael Shongwe Ndoro, who stands accused of falsifying documents related to Zororo Energy Group to remove his co-director and ex-wife, Precious, experienced a delay in its commencement.

Harare magistrate Stanford Mambanje postponed the trial to the following Monday due to the absence of the designated trial magistrate, Clever Tsikwa.

Zororo Energy Group was originally established by Michael and Precious during their marriage.

According to legal documents, the couple jointly founded Zororo Energy in 2018, each holding a 50% ownership stake.

Following their divorce, Michael reportedly relocated from their marital residence, taking company documents with him.

The allegations suggest that Michael forged Zororo Energy’s registration papers in 2019, a move aimed at ousting Precious from her position as co-director.

He purportedly replaced her with Tunica Phaenah Mkahanana, his alleged mistress. In January 2019, Michael and Mkahanana supposedly fabricated company resolutions, falsely claiming that Precious had resigned from her role as co-director and shareholder.

They then submitted these documents to the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera).

Subsequently, the two sought a license for electricity generation from Zera, as required by regulations. Zera, in accordance with its procedures, published a notice in the media regarding the application.

When Precious became aware of this advertisement, she requested the company documents from Michael, but he purportedly refused, asserting that she had no involvement in the business.

In response, Precious reported the matter to the police, leading to an investigation by the Registrar of Companies. The investigation confirmed that changes had been made to the company’s directorship and shareholding.

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