Girlfriend Hauled Before Court For Locking Lover’s Wife Out of Own Business

A 55-year old Harare woman Monday dragged her ex-husband’s mistress to court on allegations of forging documents to remove her as the director of her own company.

The suspect, Tunika Phaenah Mkahanana (40) appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi charged with fraud and forgery.

Court heard she forged signatures purporting that the complainant, Precious Ndoro, had resigned from her matrimonial business, Zororo Energy Limited.

Mkahanana was was not asked to plead and will spend the festive holidays behind bars after her case was postponed to January 17 next year.

The complainant was previously married to Michael Ndoro and dissolved their marriage before the High Court in 2019 after a misunderstanding.

According to court papers, the duo had secured and registered a company named Zororo Energy in 2018 and are the current directors with 50% shares each.

The High Court had reserved the issue of appropriate distribution of matrimonial assets to a separate proceeding.

Ndoro is said to have moved out of the matrimonial home soon after the divorce and left with the company documents.

According to court papers, in January 2019 Mkahanana and Michael, acting in connivance, forged the company resolutions, stating that Precious had resigned from her position as co-director and shareholder and was replaced by Mkahanana.

They then tendered the documents to the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA).

The two went on to apply for a licence for electricity generation after changing the directorship.

ZERA made a public notice in the Herald as per regulations.

Precious came across it and promptly requested for all company documents and Michael refused on grounds that she had nothing to do with the business.

Suspecting a foul play, she reported the matter to the police and investigations were conducted with the Registrar Of Companies.

It was established that the directorship and shareholding had been changed with no proper procedure.

The registrar established that Precious had been removed from her position.


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