False Start To US$1,5 Million Fraud Case

By Court Reporter

The trial involving real estate agent, Martin Murimirambeva, accused of fraud amounting to US$1.5 million failed to kick off last Friday.

Murimirambeva sought a postponement after his lawyer had another engagement at the High Court.

He stands accused of misrepresenting that two other co-directors Nyasha Watyoka and Gilbert Muponda at Theright Investments (Pvt) Ltd, had resigned.

The State alleged that Murimirambeva misrepresented facts to the Registrar of Deeds and Companies sometime in 2020, managing to convince the esteemed office that he was running the company with a new partner.

He claimed Leno De Villiers who is still at large had assumed the role of co-director.
Prosecuting, the State alleged that Murimirambeva and De Villiers went on to sell one of the company’s properties known as Stand number 9064, Belgravia, to Kunzekwayedza (Pvt) Ltd.

The stand was sold for $6 625 000 which according to the complainants was way below the actual market price.

When Watyoka and Muponda discovered the fraud they launched a complaint with the Registrar who carried out investigations which unearthed the anomaly.
As part of their potential prejudice, both Watyoka and Muponda who claim sole ownership of the company, claim they each lost US$750 000 which was part of their investments.

Trial has been set for March 20, 2023.

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