DJ Shugeta Announces Departure From Power FM

By Sifiso Ngwenya

Radio personality Tafadzwa Lloyd Ben, popularly known as “Shugeta,” has announced his departure from Power FM, leaving his fans and colleagues in shock.

Taking to his official Facebook page this morning, Shugeta expressed his gratitude and bid a heartfelt farewell to the beloved radio station.

In his Facebook post, Shugeta conveyed his immense appreciation to his Power FM fans, as well as his fellow presenters, colleagues, and bosses.

The departure marks the end of an era for the multi-talented broadcaster, who has become a household name on the station.

Shugeta specifically acknowledged his co-host and close friend, Butterphly, praising her as one of the best presenters of their time.

He spoke fondly of their partnership, referring to her as his “accomplice, right-hand comrade in arms, and best friend.”

 It was evident that their on-air chemistry and camaraderie contributed to the magic they created in the studio, leaving lasting memories.

Shugeta addressed Butterphly directly, stating, “I am going to miss you Butterphly, and if ever an opportunity arises for us to work together again, even outside of radio, I would love that and will not hesitate to take it up.”

Their deep bond and professional rapport were evident to listeners, making their departure even more bittersweet.

Shugeta went on to bid farewell to Power FM, acknowledging it as one of the most beloved radio stations in Zimbabwe.

He expressed his gratitude for the invaluable lessons, mentorship, and personal growth he experienced during his time there.

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